Stone Table Dinners

Stone Table Dinners

Community Dining Experience, Lyons Style!


Culinary Expressions

Stone Table Dinners is a collective of chefs and lovers of food. We live and work on the Front Range of Colorado and have deep roots and affection for Lyons. Stone Table Dinners allow independent chefs to combine our passions, talents, taste, and love of feeding people into a unique experience for all. From traditional, and not-so-traditional tasting menus to family style spaghetti and meatballs to South Asian specialties, our dinners will please any palate. Hosted at The Stone Cup, Lyons' Front Porch, in their cozy and elegant new event space.

Upcoming Dinners

January 17th ~ Savory South India

Hosted by Betsy Rose Wells

February 14th ~ Valentines Day

Hosted by Sauvage Colorado Cuisine

March 17th ~ Saint Patrick’s Day Feast

Hosted by Daniel Wells